Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Our Honeymoon was our first adventure as a married couple. Now we could have started out like most other couples, traveled to Hawaii and had a relaxing get away, but instead we decided to test our marriage in the first three weeks. I am happy to share that we are still married. Our adventure started on a long plane ride, but first class upgrades for being newlyweds gave us something worth calling home about. We landed in Rome and the backpacking began. We headed around Europe to Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Interlaken, Munich and ended in the romantic city of Paris. We celebrated in every city with a glass of champagne and ate our way through Florence(by ate I mean too much Gelato). We hiked our way through the Alps (through the rain and sun) and learned what real beer was in Munich. We walked blisters on our feet through the Florence leather market and could not get enough of the Academia, so inspirational. It was a great way to start our married life together, we survived and now we are submitting our application to Amazing Race. Just kidding. I hope you enjoy our photographic memories, as much as we enjoyed making them.

The Beginning

Our life together began in the Fall of 2003. Our wedding day (June 20, 2009)however was the door to a new advneture. Marriage. It was absolutely amazing...the day could not have been more perfect. It was 80 degrees, high clouds and our wedding was located on the most beautiful walnut orchard in Hughson, CA. We wrote our own vows which truly made the day even more special. The Hollingsworth Family, Walsh Family and all of our friends who poored their heart and souls in to making our day perfect and we thank them for that. Thanks to an inspiring photograph Aaron Draper for capturing each moment.